1.5THNDN Negative Drift Nest

1.5THNDN Negative Drift Nest

For the down-low all the way around

The 1.5THNDN is a drift nest with a negative viewing angle all the way around. It will allow you to tip the SMR down to achieve a viewing angle as low as -21°. The 1.5THNDN provides axial rotation of the SMR through 360°.

The drift nest (sometimes called a "hockey puck"), provides a temporary, magnetic SMR adapter in almost any location and on almost any surface. The back of this adapter is flat. The magnet is intended to hold the SMR in place but does not hold the adapter in its location.

Use any general adhesive (we often use a hot glue gun) to attach these adapters temporarily to machine tools, concrete floors and pillars, posts, stands, or just about anything else that is available. To aid in removal, use a flat bladed screwdriver in the pry slot provided on the bottom. Works with a 1.5" diameter SMR. You may wish to look at our other drift nests, 1.5THDN or the 1.5THEDN.