1.5THF-C Compression Floor Mount

1.5THF-C Compression Floor Mount

Install permanent floor mounts in minutes with no adhesive

The 1.5THF-C Compression Floor Mount Adapter gives you an easy way to put a permanent target location in the floor or wall without using epoxies or other adhesives. Once installed, it may be immediately surveyed for its position. Establishing known, permanent reference points in this manner gives you the ability to quickly re-establish coordinate systems in the future. It may also be used without an initial survey to provide permanent coordinate system transfer points. Or, use them to monitor the movement of foundations over time by checking for deviation from originally mapped coordinates.

Install the 1.5THF-C into a 1.38" x 1.9" (35mm x 48mm) hole that is drilled in a concrete floor or wall (pictured at right). The top will be flush with the surface of the floor or wall.

Drop the corrosion-proof steel mount into the hole and drive the brass expansion sleeve into place around it using the installation tool (sold separately). No alignment, no cementing. The cap has an O-ring seal to keep the target mount surfaces out of danger and free of debris. A straight-bladed screwdriver allows easy removal of the lid. A 1.5" SMR seats on a three-point conical land and is held firmly in place by a magnet.

The 1.5THF-C floor mount adapter installation tool (pictured at left) is sold separately – ask for part number 17044.