1.5ADP-.875 SMR Adapter

1.5ADP-.875 SMR Adapter

Put a 0.875" SMR accurately in a 1.5" nest

The 1.5ADP-.875 magnetic adapter gives you the ability to simulate a 1.5" SMR while actually using a 0.875" SMR. The adapter is a partial 1.5" diameter ball, precisely machined to hold the center of a 0.875" SMR at exactly the same point in space as the center of a 1.5" SMR. This allows you to accurately measure the positions of nests and target mounts designed for 1.5" SMRs. It also allows you to use measurement routines and macros designed for use with a 1.5" SMR.

The 1.5ADP-.875 comes in handy if you are switching SMR sizes during one measurement session in order to accommodate various nest sizes on your fixture or tools. Use it to avoid performing an extra home-point calibration on laser trackers when you’re already set up to use a 1.5" SMR. It’s also great for use with built-in reference systems designed for 1.5" SMRs – it gives you the 0.750" offset that you need, and allows you more freedom to switch back and forth between 1.5" and .875" SMR targets. It also gives you more flexibility when using a calibration ball bar which only has adapters for 1.5" SMRs.

The centerpoint of a 0.875" diameter SMR is held precisely 0.75" or 19.05mm above the surface of the part being measured. The SMR seats on a conical land and is held in place by a magnet.