0.5THW Weld-on SMR Adapters

0.5THW Weld-on SMR Adapters

The 0.5THW magnetic adapter is meant to be welded permanently in place on any customer fixture. A substantial chamfer around the bottom edge makes for a nicer weld. This item is not hardened like most of our other adapters, and is available in a variety of different materials. Place it on your fixture in any desired location, add a few weld tacks around the perimeter, and you have a permanent SMR reference. Think of it as a non-drifting drift nest.

The adapter holds the centerpoint of a 0.5″ diameter SMR 0.5″ above the surface of the part, although this dimension is not critically controlled because this adapter is simply meant to establish a permanent reference point. The SMR locates on a conical land.

The magnets are provided (one per adapter) but not installed. This is so that you can heat treat the entire fixture after all adapters are welded on (if desired) without affecting the magnetism of the magnets. When ready, the magnets may be installed in the magnet well. We recommend securing the magnets using an adhesive for extra security. Of course, this is mandatory for 0.5THW products constructed from non-magnetic materials. (Hint: don’t do this until you are finished with your processing – sometimes they’re very hard to get back out!)

Select desired material below. Please note that other materials are available upon request.